I have been acquainted with Jyoti for approximately two years and have come to know her as a diligent and most capable individual. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an editor and proofreader.*

Jyoti is an ideal candidate for editing corporate/financial documents. Her natural talent for improving and enhancing language, as well as her consistently high standard of editing ensures error-free materials. I can comfortably say that Jyoti constantly endeavours to publish excellent results and enjoys exploring new horizons. I believe that her outstanding work ethic and experience make her a pleasure to work with.*

In my experience, Jyoti shows an immense commitment to her work, striving for excellence and perfection. Her commitment to her work never wavered – even during the more stressful periods of her PhD studies. Working after hours and over weekends was par for the course; she not only seemed satisfied to spend most of her waking hours working or studying, but also gave the impression that she preferred spending her time doing something constructive that contributes to the world around her.*