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We understand the mechanics of language

An innocuous image. Do you spot the error, though?

Let us apply this to the corporate world: assume that you are a marketer tasked with an advertising campaign for an internationally-renowned language school. Here are your options for the advertisement:

  • ‘You got this’
  • ‘You’ve got this.’
  • ‘You have got this.’

Which one do you choose, and why? Choose the wrong one and you are out of a job, choose the right one and you are on the way to advancing your career. If you are smart, you will choose Notable Communications to handle the language for you.

We know how to convey meaning effectively

Here is another example of why understanding the mechanics of language, and punctuation, is essential. Can you explain the differences in the sentences below? Are they all correct?

  • Please respect our neighbours’ privacy.
  • Please respect our neighbour’s privacy.
  • Please respect our neighbours privacy.

Language is a powerful way of creating meaning – can you afford to misuse it? At Notable Communications, we ensure our clients’ best interests are always prioritised so that their professionalism and professional image is protected.